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When Software Meets Trash Collection

When Software Meets
Trash Collection

As NYC’s premier garbage collecting company, Crown Waste is at the forefront of waste removal technology. We’re always looking for the most advanced ways to serve our customers – and that includes adopting software and the latest gadgets.

When collecting trash, we optimize our crew’s pickup route using Routeware software. This places cameras and tablets in all of our trucks, helping us to cut costs, increase efficiency, and provide high-quality but affordable waste services.

Waste Removal Technology Allows Us To…

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Crown Waste provides time-stamped pickups through Routeware, for the benefit of both our drivers and our private waste removal customers. We also use GPS systems in our trucks to keep collectors accountable and our customers in the loop.

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When collecting waste from customers, our drivers use integrated Routeware technology to take photos and document evidence. Transparency is important to us, and we establish a visible record of every waste removal service we provide.

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Our Routeware generates data during every journey, allowing us to accurately assess the costs and benefits of different service options and routes. We use these metrics to balance work more effectively across our fleet and increase our sustainability by using fewer trucks and less fuel.

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Technology makes it easier to move stops in route and in real-time, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility to clients. We want to meet your needs exactly when you need us to, and our software helps us do that.

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We never want you to wonder when (or if) we’re arriving for a pickup. In fact, we pride ourselves on being a highly responsive private sanitation company, equipped with technology that allows us to provide on-the-spot updates to customers.

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Our Dedication to Innovation

Our Dedication to

At Crown Waste, we are committed to continuously improving. When we streamline our garbage removal services, we cut down on costs and provide a more valuable, efficient product to customers.

Whether you’re renting a dumpster for your business or scheduling year-round pickups, we want to emphasize what makes us the best waste removal company in New York City. Good isn’t good enough, and you can trust that we’re digitizing our services for all of the right reasons.

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